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What is a Dream Character?

“Just who or what is this character that I have just interviewed?” “What is the best way for me to understand it and to communicate its nature and purpose to others?”

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Create an IDL Salon!

Would you like to make new friends who share your interest in IDL? Sharpen your own IDL skills by sharing what you know with others? Create a group support culture that affirms values, concepts, and pursuits that are healthy and meaningful for you and those you love?

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Empathy and Compassion: An Important Distinction

This is why IDL makes a clear distinction between compassion and empathy. It is not a conceptual abstraction, but an evolution in thinking generated by innumerable interviews over many years.

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Sailing and Meditation

Integral Deep Listening takes all these factors into account in its approach to meditation, which it views as an essential skill for finding and following your inner compass.

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Are You In Touch With Your Life Compass?

Your inner compass is clear, like the air within the eye of a hurricane, yet it is extraordinarily solid, durable, and stable. It is harmonious, like the light from a prism, or the proportions of the fibonacci curve that appear naturally everywhere in nature, and yet, upon close examination, it is a chaos of minor, individual imperfections.

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