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Empathy and Compassion: An Important Distinction

This is why IDL makes a clear distinction between compassion and empathy. It is not a conceptual abstraction, but an evolution in thinking generated by innumerable interviews over many years.

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Become an IDL Coach!

Wake up by helping others to do the same!

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Nidra: The Yoga of Dreamless Sleep

There exists a natural four step process for learning lucid deep sleep. First practice formless, clear, focused, and relaxed varieties of meditation while awake, then while dreaming, then while lucid dreaming, and finally during deep sleep.

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How You Keep Yourself Stuck in Drama and How to Get Out

Integral Deep Listening views moving out of addiction to drama in relationships, thinking, and dreaming, as critical to becoming lucid, awake, and enlightened, whether while dreaming or in any other state.

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Thinking About Thinking: Formal Cognitive Distortions

To be “spiritual” in a transpersonal sense you need to not only know how to think, but how to think about thinking. This chapter from “Waking Up” will teach you how to recognize and avoid formal cognitive distortions.

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