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In IDL the meaning of a nightmare often changes radically when other characters in the dream are consulted, resulting in a broadening and desensitizing of the dreamer’s experience of the scenario.

Torching Bodies: The Transformational Power of Nightmares

Nightmares are best viewed as wake-up calls that are powerful tools for moving you into greater lucidity, both awake and dreaming. Here is one example.

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Locked Out in the Cold, Nude!

Rather than dismissing nightmares as “day residue” or some sort of “psychic indigestion, Integral Deep Listening (IDL) demonstrates that they act as “wake up calls” that when listened to, are transformational.

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Eliminating Nightmares

Nightmares aren’t confined to dreams, and neither is Integral Deep Listening. It will wake you up out of your waking nightmares as well. When you learn how, you can help any child or adult escape not only nighttime nightmares, but daytime ones as well.

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A Nightmare Says: “Love is Not All You Need.”

“You need to grow in your definition of love. It has to include boundaries, because otherwise your love is misunderstood as weakness and an invitation for abuse.”

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Making Sense of Nightmares

Nobody likes nightmares. And it would seem that with spiritual development and years of meditation that they would go away, right? Wrong.

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