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Recognizing and Eliminating Your Emotional Cognitive Distortions

If you get anxious or depressed, the most likely reason is what you are telling yourself about yourself, others and life. Emotional Cognitive Distortions are irrational ways of thinking that create anxiety and depression. The fastest and easiest way to improve the quality of life I know is to change how you think by getting rid of them.

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Surfing Your Way Out of Fear

We all have things that keep us from surfing through life, but few of us have the excuse of having our arm bitten off by a shark. Would you get back up on your board if that happened to you?

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What If My Life Doesn’t Turn Out Like I Want?

Integral Deep Listening invites you to imagine your catastrophic expectations to surface your fears so that you can listen to them, respect them, and use them as allies in your development.

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Planning Your Next Incarnation

Most of us don’t think about planning for a future life; we have enough on our plate already! But if reincarnation does exist, intention plays a role, just as it does in dream incubation and creating the types of dreams

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The Myth of Plato’s Cave: A modern retelling

You can spend your life locked in the cellar of your own fears, manufacturing threatening people and situations to keep yourself stuck, or you can “wake up” and realize that this is a self-created drama, and spend your life “surfing” instead.

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