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Getting Your Life Back on Track

I want to share with you a remarkable first interview with a new student of Integral Deep Listening (IDL), who we will call Ted.  The night before our first Skype appointment he asked for a dream that would help him

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Locked Out in the Cold, Nude!

Rather than dismissing nightmares as “day residue” or some sort of “psychic indigestion, Integral Deep Listening (IDL) demonstrates that they act as “wake up calls” that when listened to, are transformational.

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Treating Insomnia and Existential Angst with IDL

What does a rib cage have to do with insomnia?

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A Flying Snake Builds Confidence!

How do you build confidence in a teenager to help them stop comparing themselves to others, get over possessiveness, and find themselves? Here is the solution that presented itself for this seventeen year old young man: become a ten meter long flying green snake!

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Surfing Your Way Out of Fear

We all have things that keep us from surfing through life, but few of us have the excuse of having our arm bitten off by a shark. Would you get back up on your board if that happened to you?

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