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Coffin on Tracks

What appears to be death is, from other perspectives, transformational rebirth.

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Getting Your Life Back On Track

Most of the time we are doing drama but thinking that we are problem solving or moving toward our goals. What to do?

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Wilber’s 3-2-1 Shadow Work and Integral Deep Listening

  If you are reading current integral literature or communicating with many people with associated world views, you are going to be running into “shadow,”  a term coined by C.G. Jung to indicate unknown aspects of yourself, whether detrimental or positive. A detailed description

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Getting Your Life Back on Track

I want to share with you a remarkable first interview with a new student of Integral Deep Listening (IDL), who we will call Ted.  The night before our first Skype appointment he asked for a dream that would help him

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Meditation as Sky

When you practice becoming perspectives that transcend, yet include your own you grow into closer contact with your own inner compass, your own unique path forward. This helps you to learn to get out of your own way quicker and to not waste precious time on detours or paths that are not authentically your own.

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