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Recognizing and Eliminating Your Emotional Cognitive Distortions

If you get anxious or depressed, the most likely reason is what you are telling yourself about yourself, others and life. Emotional Cognitive Distortions are irrational ways of thinking that create anxiety and depression. The fastest and easiest way to improve the quality of life I know is to change how you think by getting rid of them.

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  The Black Hole of Guilt Learning to Love Yourself A Guiltless Octopus The Owl Escapes! A Shameless Black Devil    

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The Devil On Your Shoulder

This is an interview I wish I could do with every child or adolescent.  It is so classic that I think most children can see themselves in it, and most adults as well.  We all have a “devil” sitting on

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Vaginal Inflammation, Guilt, and Low Self-Esteem

Can guilt and low-self esteem show up as physical problems that interfere with your sex life? If it can, what can be done about it?

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