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Talk at Caen, France, WWII Normandy Memorial

And now for something rather different! On the 14th of this month I will be leaving for Amsterdam where I will be spending three weeks aboard the three-masted schooner Regina Maris teaching conflict resolution and life skills to 34 bright

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Getting Your Life Back On Track

Most of the time we are doing drama but thinking that we are problem solving or moving toward our goals. What to do?

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Wilber’s 3-2-1 Shadow Work and Integral Deep Listening

  If you are reading current integral literature or communicating with many people with associated world views, you are going to be running into “shadow,”  a term coined by C.G. Jung to indicate unknown aspects of yourself, whether detrimental or positive. A detailed description

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Getting Your Life Back on Track

I want to share with you a remarkable first interview with a new student of Integral Deep Listening (IDL), who we will call Ted.  The night before our first Skype appointment he asked for a dream that would help him

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Building Your Dream House

When you combine a clear focus on intention with regular IDL interviewing and application of those recommendations that make sense to you, you will construct your dream house based on a blueprint that uniquely reflects both your needs and your unique gifts to the world.

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