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Nidra: The Yoga of Dreamless Sleep

There exists a natural four step process for learning lucid deep sleep. First practice formless, clear, focused, and relaxed varieties of meditation while awake, then while dreaming, then while lucid dreaming, and finally during deep sleep.

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Lucid Dreaming: Why Become a Dream Toilet Brush?

Let us say you are in a lucid dream, riding your bike in the mountains. All of a sudden you look up and there is an avalanche on the hillside coming down fast, toward you! What do you do?

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Perl’s Gestalt Therapy and Dream Yoga

As a potent tool for helping wake up into the present moment, Gestalt therapy qualifies as a dream yoga. Its many strengths are compared and contrasted with Integral Deep Listening dream yoga.

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Walsch’s “Conversations With God” and Dream Yoga

Life speaks to you uniquely, of its priorities for you. It is only by accessing, listening to, and following them that you give a world that desperately needs them, you own unique gifts.

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The Psychology of C.G. Jung and Dream Yoga

From fixations, his “four functions,” and dreams, to archetypes and the collective unconscious, Carl Gustav Jung, MD., has had a profound and lasting impact on how we view the mind and human development. How does his thought relate to Dream Yogas and Integral Deep Listening, in particular?

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