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What is Intuition?

Almost all of us think we have the balance between intuition and reason pretty well figured out. In my experience, almost no one has that very important balance figured out.

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A Brief Walk Through the Ladder of Development

Where are you on the ladder of personal development? How can you tell where other people, organizations, religions, nations and purported enlightened masters are in their level of development? If you don’t know what to look for you will either inflate or discount it. Here is a broad road map that provides you with the outline of what rungs of the ladder you have climbed, what lies ahead, and where you currently are.

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Why Does Dream Sociometry have Strong “Masculine” Characteristics?

The Dream Sociometric method as well as the individual IDL Interviewing protocols, take an extraordinarily “feminine” process, dreaming, and consciously, purposefully objectify it, but do so in a very feminine way.

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Finding and Following Your Life Compass

IDL is a way to get in touch with your life compass and align your goals with those priorities that life wants to express through you. Your life compass is not the same as intuition, dharma, karma, “knowingness,” following your

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Triangulation – A Superior Approach to Problem Solving

We tend to dismiss the perspectives of imaginary characters as subjective fantasy or wishful thinking that do not provide any information that we don’t already know. IDL demonstrates that these explanations are largely a reflection of our desire to maintain a sense of control over our lives rather than a statement of the true worth of triangulation.

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