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Fascinating research on Lucid Dreaming

When it came to solving creative problems, however, researchers’ analysis determined that lucid dreamers had an edge over non-lucid dreamers. Lucid dreamers were more successful in creating metaphors than non-lucid dreamers.

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What is Intuition?

Almost all of us think we have the balance between intuition and reason pretty well figured out. In my experience, almost no one has that very important balance figured out.

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“All You Need Is Love?” How important is Learning to Think?

Reason without love is, like Mr. Spock in Star Trek, dispassionate and seemingly lacking in compassion, while love without reason, like Alice, in Alice in Wonderland, is naively trusting and less than honest about its true preferences, for fear of offending others and appearing unloving.

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This form of irrationality remains remarkably prevalent and current in an increasingly skeptical world that expects proof, reasons and knows how to fact-check. The reason why is still so widely used is because dogmatism cannot be refuted since it never claims to be rational or logical in the first place.

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Recognizing and Eliminating Your Emotional Cognitive Distortions

If you get anxious or depressed, the most likely reason is what you are telling yourself about yourself, others and life. Emotional Cognitive Distortions are irrational ways of thinking that create anxiety and depression. The fastest and easiest way to improve the quality of life I know is to change how you think by getting rid of them.

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