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Torching Bodies: The Transformational Power of Nightmares

Nightmares are best viewed as wake-up calls that are powerful tools for moving you into greater lucidity, both awake and dreaming. Here is one example.

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Getting Your Life Back on Track

I want to share with you a remarkable first interview with a new student of Integral Deep Listening (IDL), who we will call Ted.  The night before our first Skype appointment he asked for a dream that would help him

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Learning Assertiveness From a Black Hole in Space

A single IDL interview can change a lifelong association of helplessness with fear into something positive and constructive. How would Josefine’s life have been different if she had this interview when she was ten?

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A Nightmare Says: “Love is Not All You Need.”

“You need to grow in your definition of love. It has to include boundaries, because otherwise your love is misunderstood as weakness and an invitation for abuse.”

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Dealing With Abuse in Love Relationships

Why do people keep making the same bad choices in relationships? Maybe they are attracted to abusers again and again. Maybe they keep going back into the same abusive situation. Why?

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