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Torching Bodies: The Transformational Power of Nightmares

Nightmares are best viewed as wake-up calls that are powerful tools for moving you into greater lucidity, both awake and dreaming. Here is one example.

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An example of working with a “day residue” dream.

Day residue dreams can teach us a lot even if we are sure we know what they mean, if we suspend our assumptions and listen to what characters in them have to say.

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How the Drama Triangle in Your Dreams Affects Your Health

(From Dillard, J. Escaping the Drama Triangle in the Three Realms: Waking, Thinking and Dreaming.) You probably work hard during the day to eat right, exercise, maintain a positive attitude, treat others with respect, not react, and generally be a good

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Locked Out in the Cold, Nude!

Rather than dismissing nightmares as “day residue” or some sort of “psychic indigestion, Integral Deep Listening (IDL) demonstrates that they act as “wake up calls” that when listened to, are transformational.

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Are Dreams Symbolic?

Following ancient historical precedent, Freud saw dream images as symbols that require interpretation. A symbol, by definition, stands for something else. Symbols, therefore, are projections of waking assumptions.

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