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Talk at Caen, France, WWII Normandy Memorial

And now for something rather different! On the 14th of this month I will be leaving for Amsterdam where I will be spending three weeks aboard the three-masted schooner Regina Maris teaching conflict resolution and life skills to 34 bright

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Interviewing Hitler

Claim all of who you are, good, bad, and ugly. Trust that the universe is big enough to accept and use all of you. That when you get “wake up calls” from your dreams or through IDL interviews, you not only awaken your strengths and potentials, but those parts of yourself that you fear and that you need to face to become whole.

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Terrorists Attack America

How do world crises and nightmares mirror our internal reality? How does our internal reality need to change in order to make world crises and nightmares less likely?

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Global Nightmare: A Dream Sociomatrix of the Gulf Oil Spill

Dream Sociometry is the dreamwork methodology IDL interviewing is based on. It allows an in-depth understanding of any dream, nightmare, or waking nightmare.

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“Life is Ecstasy:” Sunny’s Crop Circle Interview

Sunny’s interview of Crop Circles shows that they provide a window on the trajectory of the evolving consciousness of humanity: beyond identification with physical, mental, or spiritual to perspectives that transcend drama, suffering, confusion, and pain.

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