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If passivity is putting the needs of others before your own and aggression is putting your needs before the needs of others, then assertiveness is the art of balancing the two.

Recognizing and Eliminating Your Emotional Cognitive Distortions

If you get anxious or depressed, the most likely reason is what you are telling yourself about yourself, others and life. Emotional Cognitive Distortions are irrational ways of thinking that create anxiety and depression. The fastest and easiest way to improve the quality of life I know is to change how you think by getting rid of them.

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Learning Assertiveness From a Black Hole in Space

A single IDL interview can change a lifelong association of helplessness with fear into something positive and constructive. How would Josefine’s life have been different if she had this interview when she was ten?

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Healing Passivity and Aggressiveness with Assertiveness

“Stop with the bad conscience! Give unfriendly people a double whack! Don’t be afraid of what’s coming back! My lizard recommended armor. I should imagine being him when I am talking to unfriendly people. In case of emergencies I am allowed to bite, without having a bad conscience!”

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Learning to Stop Reacting and Control Your Temper

The arrow that personifies Catie’s lack of impulse control is a metaphorical expression of how she relates to her anger and her irritability, and its transformation points to interesting ways that she can change the way that she relates to her temper, her irritability and her frustrations.

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Anger and Assertiveness

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