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How Social Media Affects our Cognitive Distortions

How has social media changed our society and overall mental health?

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Getting Your Life Back On Track

Most of the time we are doing drama but thinking that we are problem solving or moving toward our goals. What to do?

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Dealing With Jealousy, Possessiveness, and Fear of Abandonment

“Paul cannot stop himself from thinking about the guys that his girlfriend was with before they met; although they are no longer in her life, the thought of them makes Paul afraid his girlfriend will abandon him for someone else. He cannot stop himself from comparing his attractiveness to that of other guys; when he does he comes up short…”

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Exiting the Drama Triangle

The Drama Triangle is a modern reframing of karma, avidya (ignorance), and dukkha (suffering), created by addiction to the three roles of victim, rescuer, and persecutor. For Integral Deep Listening it occurs in three realms: the interpersonal, your thoughts and feelings, and your dreams. Because there is no peace of mind or clarity of action from within the Drama Triangle, a priority of IDL is to help you get out.

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Why Won’t My Fears Go Away?

Fear works by shutting down objectivity. It convinces you that you have no options but to flee or fight. The more anxious you are, the more your sense of self shrinks into a defensive crouch; the smaller your world becomes.

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