Author: Joseph Dillard

Accessing Your Life Compass: An Example

Any time you interview ANY dream character from ANY dream or the personification of ANY life issue of concern to you, you can receive recommendations from perspectives that are emerging potentials which align your life priorities with those of your life compass.

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An example of working with a “day residue” dream.

Day residue dreams can teach us a lot even if we are sure we know what they mean, if we suspend our assumptions and listen to what characters in them have to say.

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Dream Sociodrama Interviewing

In Dream Sociodrama each auxillary and group member makes the life issue or dream of the protagonist their own and responds to the questions as if it were their own dream or life issue.

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Fascinating research on Lucid Dreaming

When it came to solving creative problems, however, researchers’ analysis determined that lucid dreamers had an edge over non-lucid dreamers. Lucid dreamers were more successful in creating metaphors than non-lucid dreamers.

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How Social Media Affects our Cognitive Distortions

How has social media changed our society and overall mental health?

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